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H.E.R. Production Academy is a specialized film production education program with a deliberate focus on collaboration and teamwork. We believe a supportive environment is crucial to the empowerment and success of the young women who pass through our doors.

Our workshops and curriculum are designed to bolster self-confidence, self-esteem, and artistic expression. Our girls learn essential life skills and become more emotionally resilient, laying an unshakable foundation for professional success.

Girls aged 13 through 19 will learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and develop the tools and connections to become successful in the production industry. They’re taught by tenured professionals who work in the industry. Every student walks away with hands-on, real-world experience that will help jumpstart their dream career.

H.E.R. Academy is built on a foundation of values we believe every woman should remember.

G.I.R.L. C.O.D.E. holds us accountable to each other and – even more importantly – to ourselves.


My success depends not on my speed or power but my strength of character, courage, and resolve.



I believe my creative talent has the power and responsibility to inspire and influence nations.


I am not predator or prey. I freely respect the rights, feelings, and values of others, and I deserve the same respect in return.


The light in me is a gift to the world. I will not bury it but let it shine so that others may feel its warmth and marvel at its brilliance.


I am not threatened or disheartened by the success of others. I celebrate and support my sisters because when they rise, I rise.

Open Mindedness

I receive constructive criticism with grace. I consider new ideas and perspectives without prejudice, even if it challenges my way of thinking.


My life is a creative journey. I face my fears and overcome them, exploring the world, uncovering new territories, and unearthing new dimensions within myself.


I strive to perfect my craft and produce my highest quality work while maintaining my strength of character and humility.

Our Leadership

These three women are the glue that holds all the program’s moving parts together. Founder Christa Dickey drove H.E.R. from belief to concept to real life. As President, she oversees the continued success of the program and each individual student who joins us.

Our Program Assistants Shelby and Sloane Campbell are in the fray every day ensuring that every student and instructor has what she needs and that the program is working to give every student a bright future in the production industry.

Christa Y. Dickey


Krissy Rimmel

Development Officer

Johnathan J. Almy

 Financial Consultant

Shelby Campbell

Program Assistant

Sloane Campbell

Program Assistant

H.E.R. is one-of-a-kind.

There’s no other program like H.E.R. in South Carolina or anywhere else in the country. If you or your child are interested in a career in filmmaking, the knowledge and experience you’ll gain at H.E.R. Production Academy will be invaluable to your future. Don’t wait another year to sign up.


H.E.R. Production Academy

1122 Lady St.

Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 830-7583

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