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The world needs more women filmmakers, so we have to keep encouraging ourselves and one another, and eventually things must get easier for us.

                           - Lucy Walker


H.E.R. (Helping Everyone Rise) Academy trains girls ages 13-19 on all phases of production.  Each year we select 12 girls to participate in our 6 day intensive workshop. H.E.R. Production Academy ranges from freshman to senior. Each tier begins with a one week of intensive summer training followed by 12 months of bi-weekly training.



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Creative Exploration

Students will explore creative expression through mediums like clay, paint, poetry, fabric, charcoal, and nature. We encourage the exploration of self and the world around us to stimulate the creation of new and inspiring works of art. 

Freshmen Tier

Your freshmen year begins with a one week intensive. You’ll learn the basics of film production in an all-inclusive studio setting. You’ll get familiar with production lighting, camera operation, visual storytelling, and sound production.

After the freshmen intensive week, it’s time to put your knowledge into action. Collaborate with sister students to produce a project together, meeting twice a month for 12 months to perform all aspects of production and bring your screenplay to life




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Sophomore Tier

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Movies are made in the editing room. Spend the week learning the principles and techniques of visual and sound editing. Work alongside your peers and industry professionals to edit the project you’ve produced over the last year. Learn the roles of postproduction supervisor, colorist, visual effects producer, and sound designer. For the next year, you’ll explore the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking. We’ll provide the camera – you provide the story.



Junior Tier

Junior intensive week is a student favorite. You’ll spend the week learning the different types of screenplays and genres. Create a pitch deck and sizzle reel. Participate in a live table read and mock pitch session.


Then take your newfound knowledge into our year around program where we meet twice-monthly. In a writers room setting students meet and collaborate on ideas and develop concepts like experts. Spend the year learning from professional screenwriters. You’ll learn to critique films and scripts – and receive criticism – by studying produced screenplays and participating in live table reads where you’ll offer each other constructive criticism. Best of all you'll graduate your sophmore year with a developed screenplay. 

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Senior Tier

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It’s time for your senior trip! Pack up and head to Los Angeles to tour the studios where real pilots are produced. See real movie sets and finish the week by pitching your screenplay to industry pros.


Once you’ve experienced LA, you’ll dive into the financing and distribution processes for both independent and studio-backed films. Lend your expertise to various program-sponsored productions and keep polishing your reel.

What does a typical day look like?

  • 8:30 AM Check-In

  • 9:30 AM Collaboration

  • 10:30 AM Hands-On

  • 12:30 PM Equipment Demonstration

  • 1:30 PM Lunch

  • 4:30 PM Recap

  • 5:30 PM Pick-Up

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Tools of the Trade

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You’ll gain experience with…

  • Panaflex XL Camera

  • Panavision C Series and E Series Anamorphic Lenses

  • Adobe Premier Pro

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Avid Media Composer

  • Tungsten Lights

  • HMI Lights

  • Fluorescent VS LED

  • Boom Mic Kits and Accessories

  • Final Draft

  • Yamdu Production Management Software

  • And more!

Program Goals

Over the course of four years, our girls grow into film directors, producers, cinematographers, art directors, and screenwriters. They develop a working knowledge of their niche and gain early experience that gives them a strong competitive edge for employment.

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